Academy for Peace
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Tends Summary Report
The Institute of HeartMath has endorsed and supported the Academy for Peace through scholarships and discounts on training and materials.  Click on for further information.

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HeartMath is a highly effective approach to reducing stress and tapping your heart’s intelligence. This approach is based on the Institute of HeartMath’s discovery that, when you generate and sustain a positive feeling, the heart pulls the brain into a state of coherence that optimizes emotional balance and fosters peak performance. 

HeartMath training includes software that allows you to view changes in your heart rate variability on a computer screen. Using their method of “heart focus, heart breathing, and heart feeling of appreciation,” you can see your heart rate variability shift from an erratic pattern to a regular pattern, which indicates that you have achieved heart-brain coherence. To learn how to maintain this state throughout the day, HeartMath also has created the emWave, a product the size of a cell phone that provides feedback on your coherence level. 

HeartMath tools will enable you to increase impulse control, manage anger more easily and make wiser choices; it has also been shown to raise academic test scores and improve the performance of athletes.  For example, one research study involved a group of students who had failed a math test and were taught HeartMath rather than additional practice in math.  When they took the test again using HeartMath, the group’s scores increased by 35 percent. 

Once we understand the physiological power of the heart and how to utilize it, we realize it is more efficient to “change our feelings, change our lives” than to “change our thinking, change our lives.”  The research verifying this approach is extensive.  In one case, the United States Congress awarded the Institute of HeartMath a million dollar grant for their TestEdge project to demonstrate the impact of HeartMath on test anxiety.  For further information on that project, click here for Reducing Test Anxiety and Improving Test Performance in America’s Schools.

A synergistic combination of HeartMath and
Nonviolent Communication.

Jeff Goelitz (in front row) with the Institute of HeartMath came to Costa Rica
to license APCR trainers in HeartMath.
Institute of HearthMath

In a ten-year search for the best social and emotional methodology for acquiring these skills, Rita Marie Johnson found that the most effective were HeartMath, for “feeling peace” and Nonviolent Communication (NVC), for “speaking peace.” In practicing these methods together, she discovered a profound synergy between them.  Eventually she named this combination BePeace and started the Academy for Peace as a way to teach it to others. 

Perhaps the best way to explain how these two methods work together in BePeace is to share how it was used by a trainer with one student.
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