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US teacher, Linda Hamilton, January 2008, after 40-hour BePeace courseI’ve been offering empathy in my classroom and I am astounded at the results. I even used it to step right into the middle of an about-to-break-into-a-fistfight scenario with two 8th graders this morning. I’m still smiling at the peaceful way it was resolved.  It works!!!!

Student, Veronica Herra Benavides, 6th grade student, Elias Jimenez Castro School. This experience has taught me that I can resolve any fight without violence. Now I can help people to know their feelings and communicate them so other people can hear them. I love being a mediator and helping my classmates. I was born to be a mediator.

Costa Rican teacher, February 2008, after 40-hour BePeace course:  Thank you for making us a part of
your dream!

Costa Rican teacher, Ivette Lopez:  It is a privilege to be part of such an important project that will change a paradigm and in this way help all human beings to create a better world. I’m committed from my heart and I’m willing to continue with the program as long as needed.

Costa Rican teacher, Honduras School, November 2006: I feel a sense of togetherness with my colleagues, which makes me happier about coming to work. This feeling automatically makes me do a better job; I work from my heart now.

Academy for Peace trainer, Christine Essex: When I first learned about HeartMath and Nonviolent Communication, I felt deeply touched and excited. Somehow I knew these were the tools I’d been yearning for to achieve the harmony and authentic communication I so desired. However, I found that using these tools was not an easy task. Over the next couple of years of practice I experienced a profound upheaval on the internal level as my perspective was turned inside out and upside down. For me it’s much, much more than a technique and new vocabulary, it’s a new way of looking at and being in the world. It has enriched and improved my relationships with others and myself beyond anything I could have imagined. Now, when strong emotions are triggered, I have choices beyond the usual fight or flight, attack and defend paradigm I was raised with. Now I can choose to stay in peace and still speak my honesty. For some of us, just speaking our truth is the hero’s journey and I am eternally grateful to have these very powerful tools in my life.

Volunteer, Carol MarianneThe most uplifting part of being an Academy for Peace volunteer is seeing the impact on teachers of learning BePeace. There is an immediate ripple effect and everybody wins – the teachers reap the rewards of feeling compassionate and the children learn to get their needs met in healthy, nonviolent ways. 

Passing the skills of “feeling peace” and “speaking peace”
from generation to generation.

In a ten-year search for the best social and emotional methodology for acquiring these skills, Rita Marie Johnson found that the most effective were HeartMath, for “feeling peace” and Nonviolent Communication (NVC), for “speaking peace.” In practicing these methods together, she discovered a profound synergy between them.  Eventually she named this combination BePeace and started the Academy for Peace as a way
to teach it to others. read more